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Your customers always have plenty of questions and they want a fast response. They also want to order your products or services immediately. WA Order allows you to create an ordering form via WhatsApp. 

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WA Order Features
WA So Easy!

It is a combination of a messaging app and online store. Guide your customer using WhatsApp and create a buyer journey.Automate your ordering process today. Automate your ordering process today. One of the greatest advantages of WhatsApp Order is it requires an app which everyone has already installed on their phones.

Set Up Delivery Fees

Merchants can setup a flat delivery rate to customers who order through WA Order.

Min. Order For Delivery

Need a minimum order for delivery? No problem, merchants can setup in WA Order.

Min. Order For Free Delivery

Minimum order reach! How about giving customers free delivery? Let WA Order do this.

Discount % Option

Need to provide a discount for customers as a token of appreciation? Set it through WA Order.

Open / Close For Orders

Too busy to handle online orders? Merchants can freely setup open or close for order.

Accept Delivery / Pick Up Only

Only accept delivery/pick up or both ways are accepted? Choose your preferences.

Support Payment Link

Having a secured payment link to accept payment? WA Order accepts any payment link.

Custom Domain Name

Setting up your own domain is most welcome! Let WA Order become a part of your business needs.

Setup Within 5 minutes

NO hassle, if the WA Order site can’t be ready in 5min, we provide a full refund!

Our Simple
Straight-Forward Pricing




/ 14 Days

  • Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited Products
  • Own Business Details
  • Upload Own Brand Logo
  • Self-manage Dashboard
  • Enable Payment LInk

Basic Plan



/ month

  • Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited Products
  • Own Business Details
  • Upload Own Brand Logo
  • Self-manage Dashboard
  • Enable Payment LInk

Basic+ Plan



/ yearly

  • All Basic Plan Included
  • Free 2 Months Subscriptions
  • Free Online Payment Setup
  • Free On-boarding Section
  • Free WA Order Email Address
  • Free Exclusive Merchant Listing

Our Merchant Love WA Order!

I love the WA Order engaging interface. It is simple to use. I can sell online and in-store, manage my inventory, stay in sync with the team. It helps us to eliminate a lot of unnecessary procedures too.

Testimonial 1
Mr CheongRestaurant Owner

WA Order made it easy for me as a one man team to provide quick support to my customers, which is crucial in my online business. I received orders and leads easily with just using WhatsApp.

Testimonial 2
JessicaFlorist Owner

What I love about WA Order is its user friendly features and straight to the point. It is organized, I’ve been searching for something like this for a long time. WA Order is a simple and nice tool for us .


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